Captivity has taken an excruciating toll on Lady

Lady’s feet are in terrible condition and, the longer she has been here, the more we have learned about her condition. It took some time for her to learn to trust her human caregivers, but if she feels they are present mentally and emotionally during her care, she is incredibly cooperative – especially considering that some of the medical procedures she needs may cause her discomfort. Lady gets regular foot soaks and treatments, which she seems to enjoy. She has been diagnosed with osteomyelitis, a chronic foot disease that, unfortunately, cannot be healed. We do our best to treat any flare ups she experiences and provide her with anti-inflammatory medicines to make her more comfortable.


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“She is spunky and has so much life to her, but then you look at her feet, and your heart sinks.  Of the many captive elephants we have known, her feet are in the top three worst.”

Lady's Story


An ex-circus elephant, Lady was confiscated in 2013 and sent to live at the João Pessoa zoo, where she currently resides.  Her circus owner transitioned to the zoo to be one of her keepers. According to officials related to the zoo, her foot disease was already evident at that time. We visited the zoo several years ago, offering a home to Lady, but the zoo decided against it. This year Animal Protection Associations filed a Public Civil Action against the City Hall of João Pessoa and IBAMA (Brazil’s agricultural agency) seeking, among other requests, the transfer of Lady to a more suitable location. The reasoning stated was that Lady is in dire need of highly specialized care, a habitat more conducive to her species and development, and the companionship of others of her kind. After a lengthy legal battle, Elephant Sanctuary Brazil joined the process, and through many conversations, everyone involved has decided that the best place for Lady is Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, and a judicial agreement was signed.

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above: Lady at the zoo