Relaxed “Powerpuff Girls”

If you are looking for a moment of peace amidst your busy day, enjoy this short video of Bambi, Mara, and Rana (l to r) as they gently dust and spend time together. When we say that elephants were near each other, it doesn’t always mean that they’re this close together. Sometimes it just means they were spaced out in the same yard. But the “Powerpuff Girls” are much more likely to be found as a tighter group than the others. 

On this particular occasion, you can see that there are no loud parties (though we love those, too); the three are clearly pleased to be together and are calm and light. Sometimes the best things we can share with you are these peaceful, brief clips that show how sanctuary provides elephants with a herd, lots of natural food to graze on, and plenty of space to roam – even if the girls are staying in just one spot here. They have the option to wander if they choose, on a sunny morning with their friends. 


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    Sue says

    Thank you so much! These types of videos make me smile with joy. I can’t thank Sanctuary enough for offering the opportunity for everyone there to live their best lives. Such a precious gift ❤️🐘❤️

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    Julie says

    Gentle, joyful smiles! Ty

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