Rana’s Small Bite of Grass

Rana occasionally takes some time to herself, seeming to appreciate the space she has available to enjoy at sanctuary. Here, she’s on a short walk, grazing occasionally along the way. The wonderful thing about having such a vast natural space is that it offers the elephants the opportunity to be selective in what they eat; if they have favorite types of grasses or brush that grows – especially during the rainy season – they can seek out those things for themselves. 

Sometimes the youngest grass is the sweetest, which makes it popular among all of the girls. You can see that Rana has picked the tiniest bit of grass that she holds in her trunk, perhaps what she considers to be the perfect bite. 

P.S.: For those of you who haven’t watched videos of Rana walking before, this is her ‘normal’ gait. Her front left elbow is fused from a decades-old injury that doesn’t seem to give her much trouble.

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