Rana’s Rescue: Rested and Rolling

Hey everyone, sorry for the super short video. Internet reception in this part of Brazil is not very good. Scott intended on doing a longer video, but that was not in the cards. And we have no power here at the sanctuary and the generator wasn’t working this morning, so I couldn’t post anything either. Panto made some quick repairs, and we’re back in business.

Rana is doing very well, still eating and drinking normally and super relaxed. Her container was all cleaned out and she’s being very cooperative with shifting so Scott can reach every bit.

There was a hilly area that is slow going and can have massive traffic jams, so the team decided to get through that area last night. This meant not stopping until 3 am when all was said and done. The team got a few rooms, took showers and went to bed and headed back out at 8:30 this morning. Just in case anyone missed this earlier, we have two truck drivers and each car has three drivers, so everyone stays safe and awake.

Aside from a couple of voice messages on WhatsApp, I have yet to speak to my husband, so that’s all I know. The important stuff- Rana’s good, they slept and showered. 

One of us will update you when we are able. 

December 19. 2018


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    Sherry says

    Thank you very much for the updates!

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