Rana’s Rescue: On The Road Tomorrow!

Just a quick little good night and introduction to the team. The plan is to leave tomorrow. It will take a little while to get everything set up in the morning and get Rana loaded and her crate onto the truck, but we are hoping to be on the road by tomorrow afternoon.

Of course Rana determines how everything goes and if something doesn’t seem right, everything gets delayed until everything is ok. We will try to post from the road, but please know we will not have reception in many, many places along the way.

Keep Rana in your thoughts and send her love and support for her journey home to sanctuary. 

December 17, 2018


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  1. REPLY
    Susan says

    I will envision a bubble of love and positive energy along the entire route – start to finish. I know this is just three elephants but three elephants happy and safe and able to live their lives in peace and contentment is a huge event for our planet and I will take a win like this any day! I wish we got good news like this everyday…. even once a week or once a month would be spectacular! This is a VERY BIG DEAL. Bless everyone invested in making this happen – angels on earth. Thank you!

  2. REPLY
    Judy says

    Thank you so much for doing this for sweet Rana. Finally her dreams of meeting the the other elephants is coming true for her. Love you Rana ???

  3. REPLY
    Elke Riesterer says

    Save Journey Rana❣️ You are in very good hands.

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