Rana’s Rescue: On Her Way Home!

8AM EASTERN:  Rana is on the truck and ready to hit the road. She is doing very well. They needed to make one stop before getting on the main road. When they stopped Rana took a drink and seems pretty settled in. The federal police will be leading Rana and the team towards sanctuary.

If you want to learn more about Rana, where she is going and who we are, you can find that information at the links below.  We will be posting videos and updates along her journey (as internet allows) For those followers on Facebook, you want to make sure you get notifications of live check-ins, just go to our main FB page, click ‘following’ and then click the pencil next to ‘notifications’ and turn on what you would like to receive. If you do this, you will get a little notification when we go live.  We will continue to post those videos here on our blog, too.  

Thank you to everyone who gave towards Rana’s rescue and shared it with others, making it possible to bring her home to sanctuary.  Talk soon.


7AM EASTERN:  A short check-in to show Rana all closed in her crate, nice and calm, as the crane driver lines up to load her onto the trailer. The team had intended on video taping Rana loading her final time, but she walked right on before anyone was ready. Apparently she is ready to go.

December 18, 2018


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    Nancy Shaw says

    What a wonderful Christmas gift for RANA , GSE and the rest of us!!!

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