Rana’s Rescue: Getting Punchy :)

The team is getting a little punchy. Lack of sleep and excitement at getting closer has brought out some interesting road trip music this afternoon. Just a little glimpse into what our lovely team is actually doing for a large portion of the day. 

December 20, 2018


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    Susan Hunt says

    Every time Scott mentions tearing up at the thought of Raha nearing sanctuary causes me full melt down sobs too. This should be a frequent occurrence now…. elephants being moved to sanctuary and it is not. I am in LA where Billie awaits at the zoo. PAWS wants to take him and still he stay alone in what has to be one of the most animal supportive cities in the world. Appalling. But I will enjoy the win for this glorious girl with the hope that more people are becoming aware of why this is so special. Bless you all. Watching Scott like a protective daddy… I so get it. He is going to make sure that nothing bad happens to this precious angel ever again. Love you all so much… love the drivers and all the helpers. Kat, even though you are so busy I would imagine you are on pins and needles. Precious cargo coming! And then the blossoming can begin. Cannot wait to hear about the journey for Raha.

  2. REPLY
    Theresa Grice says

    Greetings from Vancouver Island, British Columbia!!
    Did I hear a call for song requests?!!
    Here’s a great Canadian road song by Tom Cochran ~ ‘Life Is A Highway”
    Also, “Luv You All’ ~54-40
    Loads of Gratitude and Love to every one~Theresa

  3. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Oh yeah, The Beach Boys, Surfer Girl!! I am a big fan! The team is having some fun and this good!

  4. REPLY
    Emily Stier says

    I have become the biggest dot lover you can even imagine!! I would love a t-shirt with your map and all the dots- and Rana standing at the end of the journey with Maia and Guida!!! Please please have them made!! I can guarantee you they will sell out quickly! We that follow your every move will be able to show and tell if Ranas journey and bring more light to other people who are unaware of the goodness you do!! I want to be the first one to purchase it and I would love Kat and Scott to sign it!! Ok – I’m done for now – but not for long! ?

  5. REPLY
    Francoise says

    Awesome! Put on your seat belts. We don’t want to lose ANY of you! ❤

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