Rana’s Rescue Day4: Closed In & Calm

No live video from Scott today, he wanted to close Rana in completely and be able to focus solely on her.  In this short video, all of the gates are locked and all of the doors are close except one small side door, to be able to insert watermelon and half of the back door, because some dirt was in the way. As you can see in the video, Rana is very relaxed, Scott feels she is even more calm today than she has been so far.

While she was closed in, Scott also made a bunch of noise on the outside, simulating the noises that will go on when straps are connected and she is hooked up to the crane, along with climbing up the outside of the crate. The entire time she continued to eat her fresh grass, watermelon and a few other snacks, no signs of stress at all.

Her response is ideal and everyone on the team is elated. Although the video is short, she was closed in for about 20 minutes. As I mentioned, Scott wanted to make sure he could focus on her and try to gauge any stress she might have. Thankfully, she made his job very easy this morning.

Side note- no, she is not leaving today 

December 17, 2018


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