Rana’s Rescue Day 3: Closing the Gate

Scott wanted to share one of the many little steps that goes along with getting Rana acclimated to her travel container. Closing the gate. Rana has been very calm with everything and her demeanor dictates how things progress and the technique used in each step.

Rana is still an elephant so care is taken to ensure that she is aware of where Scott is and what he is doing. Extra noise is made outside of the container, with the chains and of course, he always tells her what he is about to do. With each little step in the process of closing the gate, he gives her a moment, and decides the next step.

If Rana was showing signs of aggression towards the crate or people around her, a pully system could be used to close the gate. Since she is relaxed and the gate is double hinged for safety, Scott is simply going to the side of the container and walking around the back.

At one point she was putting her feet on the gate (which doesn’t show well in the video), so Scott opened the gate back up, and allowed her to back out. Rana did not fully walk away, so he gave her another snack and tried again. This time she was perfect. As she becomes comfortable with the gate being closed, the time it is closed will be extended.

Baby steps 

December 16, 2018


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    Sherry says

    Thank you very much for the video update with Rana and Scott! It is interesting see how Scott accumulates Rana to the crate!
    She sure seems agreeable to something she never sees or touches!!

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