Rana’s Rescue Day 2: Calm and Easy


Nice start to the day this morning. Rana did not have access to the transport crate last night and as soon as Scott opened it up for her this morning, she stepped right in. Calm and easy, she went in and stayed to eat. While she was in there Scott gave Rana her probiotic paste (we are starting it now because of her impending diet change) in a peanut butter apple, which apparently went over really well. Peanut butter rocks!

After a while they had Rana come out of the crate and gave her some food under her shade structure to give her a little variety in her day. Now the guys are working on getting the camera system set up in Rana’s crate.

Here in Brazil Maia and Guida are lovely. They had a little morning celebration when I drove up on the four wheeler. Both girls were already wide eyed, so with just a playful tone, they quickly got silly and vocal. It’s warm this morning and both girls headed in the direction of the pond right after breakfast. Not sure if they will make it there without needing a nap though, they were both very sleepy. 

We are without power here and running off of the generator. I’m hoping the power company is getting it out of their system before Rana’s arrival. No power means no live videos from here, so hopefully it comes back soon and stays back. 

December 15, 2018

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