Rana’s Relaxing Ear Flaps

Just after dinner, Rana and Mara were near the fence. Mara found some hay that had been left in the habitat for a snack, and Rana was standing calmly and occasionally grazing. This video captures something so calming and simple, yet also captivating. As you watch Rana’s ears move gracefully back and forth, you can hear them whoosh through the air and touch her shoulders. 

It’s unlikely that Rana knew how satisfying the repetitive noise could be. But there’s a gentleness about her here that reveals some of what we love so much about Rana. We recommend playing this video on repeat for maximum relaxation.


  1. REPLY
    Sue says

    I am going to use this as my lullaby to go to sleep at night. I adore Rana so much and you put that into words so nicely in your post. Thank you for this lovely moment!!! ❤️🐘❤️

  2. REPLY
    Julie says

    Yes. I agree with Sue. I have often thought ESB could put together an 8 hour sleep therapy video. All proceeds go to elephant care, of course.

    • REPLY
      Sara says

      If only we could get 8 hours of sleep ourselves sometimes!

  3. REPLY
    Beji says

    Oh yesssss!! 🎵 🎶 Music to my ears….

  4. REPLY
    Patricia says

    They are so wonderful. And maybe Rana DOES understand about rhythmic sound! 💖🩶💖

  5. REPLY
    Arey says

    The sound of elephant ears flapping, slapping against their skin has become one of my favourite sounds Sara

  6. REPLY
    Johnny says

    Any day with Rana earflaps is a good day!

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