Rana’s Preparations Are Underway


Rana preparations are underway…well most of them are. One of our significant tasks is to repair the dirt roads, not only for her Rana’s arrival but in just 5 more days, they will be arriving to collect the transport crate. The beautiful and troublesome problem is that it won’t stop raining! This is spectacular for the trees, grasses, flowers, ponds and mud wallows and we do appreciate this but I’d be lying if I said that it’s putting a smile on my face.

Nós Temos Uma Problema
Joaquim started the work about 5 days ago after three days of rebuilding some rain water diversions, he sullenly returned to the office and in his shy demeanor said “nós temos uma problema.” We have a problem he says to me and then proceeds to tell me that the backhoe is no longer reversing and the first load of gravel is about to arrive. To complicate matters, with last nights rain, the dump truck might need the help of the backhoe to get turned around on this narrow country road.

Thanks to the commitment of Joaquim and the patience of the dump truck driver and the ever present machete, they were able get him turned around and headed home. Meanwhile with all of the basics checked, oil levels, fuses, wire connections etc. It was time to dismantle the floor of the backhoe in search of the solenoids. The seat comes off, the rubber matting is removed, the front console panels, the differential lock and finally we can see the directional solenoids…hiding even further forward, only accessible via yogi-like articulations. Since none of us practice yoga these days, this essentially equals uncomfortable contortions that we will pay for later.

Throughout the day it was a mix of testing, isolating and looking on google for a good diagram to consult with. A few phone calls lead to no conclusions and the only mechanic licensed to work on these is not answering his phone. The next day, more tests and reasonable comfort that we have isolated the problem, we call the supplier and learn that the full part is $1600 dollars, it will take 4 -5 days to arrive and will cost about $700 for the service call for the tech to come replace it. Or, we can take a chance that it is just the coil which will cost $700 and $700 for the service call for the tech, oh and it will still take 4-5 days.

Transport Company Arrives in 5 Days
With good news that it is not going to take 30 days to arrive, we are still in the position that we have a road that needs to be fixed before the transport company arrives in 5 days – we need the backhoe. Now, we arrived to the pivotal moment when we say, maybe there is one more thing to try…it’s a little silly but what do we have to lose, right? It worked!!!! We did a little rewiring and sweet talking to the old solenoid and the wheels are spinning in reverse!

Everything mounted in place, a few extra bruises and sore muscles, a little disbelief from our team that it worked and we are back in business….except for the glorious rain. While the backhoe waits, it’s time to go watch Maia and Guida frolic in the mud – happy days – #sanctuarylife.

The photo- Guida in the front after just getting up from a mud nap, Maia in the back, under the tree, still sleeping. 

December 1, 2018


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  1. REPLY
    Elke Riesterer says

    Yeah awesome what you guys and gals take on and still keep the spirit up. Rana is coming
    and that thought is fabulous and energizing.

  2. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Never, ever give up! Perservere! I see the Global Sanctuary doing this!! Thank you and love you guys!

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