Rana’s Growth: Part I


We’ve been posting recently about the ways that Lady, Maia, and Mara have all exhibited a tremendous amount of personal growth lately. We haven’t been talking much about the growth we’ve seen in Rana.

Rana’s growth is more subtle, but it’s the type of growth that allows everyone to flourish around her. Its impact on the evolving dynamics here is astronomical. This post is going to be Part 1 of a two-part post. Today, we will talk about her overall growth, and tomorrow we’ll share a recent story about her that exemplifies her growth.

Rana has a bit of a reputation for being soft, sweet, and even a little innocent. It’s an accurate reputation; she is all those things (although she is also much more). When Rana first arrived and met Maia and Guida, she was overeager to be their friend. She was relentless and wasn’t ready to listen to what their behavior was saying. She learned her lesson from that experience and seemed to take it to heart. When Guida passed away, and Maia needed space, Rana didn’t push. There were times that the two would be near each other, and Rana just had a bit of “I’m here if you need me” energy to her. She was available when Maia needed her, and gave Maia space when that’s what Maia wanted (which was most of the time). Having this peripheral relationship was beneficial for both of them. They both had a lot to process in the wake of Guida’s passing.

When Ramba came, Rana shifted again. Rana adored Ramba from the beginning, but she seemed almost a little nervous that she would do something wrong. The bond between the two of them wasn’t instant. Rana seemed unsure how to move forward, seeming to be whatever it was that Ramba wanted. It took them a little while to touch, even after they shared space. It’s part of that innocence of Rana that is so endearing. She just wanted to be there in the capacity that Ramba needed, which is a vital part of what true friendship is.

Then Lady arrived and, once again, Rana was excited to see a new elephant. Rana had lots to rumble, squeak, and vocalize about. She quickly learned that she couldn’t vocalize near Lady without Lady walking away, and again Rana adjusted her behavior. She was excited to be in the same space as Lady, but still, we would see Rana being cautiously watchful of what Lady’s body language was showing. Rana would walk slower than usual, and be more reserved. She seemed to recognize where Lady was in the moment, and honor it.

Mara arrived a few months later and everything was completely different. Rana responded so passionately. It wasn’t her “Yay! A new elephant!” reaction, but something more – and we still don’t and may never know what caused that reaction. While Rana was super excited and vocal at first, she still was able to give Mara the space to take her time to process. The emotion was incredibly overwhelming to Rana, the humans, and even those who watched the videos of it. For Mara, who had not seen or interacted with another Asian elephant in decades, it was possibly even more overwhelming. Rana seemed somehow to comprehend and respect that. She was able to step back a bit and to let their relationship progress at Mara’s pace.

Now, Maia is trying to find her new place here. Maia’s behaviors are shifting, and apparently, so are her needs. Rana seems to be recognizing both these shifts in Maia and is being incredibly responsive.

Maia needed them to give her a chance to demonstrate that she is evolving into an elephant who is aware of their needs. Rana seems happy to give her that chance to evolve into something different. Rana doesn’t have the “wise old soul” energy that Guida had, but she is incredibly sensitive to the needs of the others. It’s her superpower, and it’s humbling to watch her put her desires aside to be fully available to the others as they need her to be in that moment. It’s a lesson we could all learn from Rana. ❤️

(Photo of Rana)

August 7, 2020


  1. REPLY
    Bo says

    Very smart lesson for all of us human beings indeed!
    Rana is what I would call a ‘sensi’. Hyper/high sensitive.
    Some just are like that and have that extra developed sensi-soul.
    The sensi ones 🙂

  2. REPLY
    Paula says

    Solamente miren a ella… ella tiene el rostro más gentil que vi en mi vida ?
    Todos recordamos aquellos vídeos donde Rana y Mara se conocieron. La emoción fue muy profunda, los corazones parecían estallar de felicidad, y a al mismo tiempo se sentía como desgarrador, como si Rana percibiera todo el universo de Mara.
    Mara fue un libro abierto para ella, donde Rana pudo ver todo el dolor, la soledad ,el hartazgo, el miedo y solo Dios sabe cuántas cosas más…
    Y Rana fue tan gentil con Mara, ella supo entrar al corazón de oro de Mara y ahora , como todos somos testigos, Mara la adora ❤
    Espero con ansias la próxima publicación de Rana, deseo conocer más acerca de este Ángel con trompa!

    • REPLY
      Bertica Valdes Suarez says

      “{To} put her desires aside to be fully available to the others as they need her to be in that moment.” Kat and Scott have those superpowers big time.
      I think these ladies are thriving because they know , as they are good at “knowing”, that their humans are committed to attend to their needs. Your writings mean everything, Kat.

  3. REPLY
    Wim says

    Rana is amazing within all her crafty dimensions. She’s a real carer and high sensitive soul always feeling where and when to step in or move away. These are super natural powers. They make her shine inside out. Thank you Miss Rana. ??

  4. REPLY
    Sheila says

    Yes indeed rana ?is a very unique lady! Yes from day 1 rana tried to bond with giuida ??and maia!? she was never totally accepted a a real close sister! But she remembers guida a d maia were very close! So rana is very good with maia! Same with dear sweet ramba who was only st sanctuary for a shirt time. Rana really loved ramba! But then she had to grieve again! I think thru both guidas and rambas deaths! And lady ?arriving but was not receptive to rana! She had a rather broken heart for a while! Then a few months later mara arrives! I remember rana never came to greet ?mara for 3 days! But when the greeting happened it was like these ladies had known each ither before! The nond was pretty quick! Rana is such a calm lady she waited so long for a sister to really care about her and rana certainly found this love from mara❤️?. Ranas nature is to be the kind caring social worker in the sanctuary! Its going to be interesting when other elephants arrive ! Ill bet rana is still very endearing‼️

    • REPLY
      Cynthia Hampton says

      Given the chance that Rana and Mara might have come to South America together from Germany, is it at all possible that Rana And Mara are sisters? I think I read where Rana is a number of years older than Mara? I know it is unlikely, but Raina’s reaction to Mara was so powerful when they met, you have to believe there is some former past connection there. You must live in constant curious wonder of the stories of their past lives. How powerful and rewarding it must be for you to watch these magnificent elephants experience and live such richer, supportive and more natural lives.

      • EleComposer says

        We have no idea if they could be sisters. It’s not likely, but anything is possible. There is probably someplace that could do DNA testing. We have looked into it to use as an alternative method to microchipping out-of-country elephants, and neither Chile or Brazil had a place that offered it. So the only option is to export blood samples outside of Brazil – and that would require all of the CITES policy and procedures be followed as are followed to import/export endangered species (like were followed to bring Mara from Argentina and Ramba from Chile). So, we will never know.

  5. REPLY
    Susan says

    Beautiful post about one incredibly beautiful Elephant. Sensitive, indeed. Love her so much and looking forward to part 2. Thank you! ❤️?❤️?❤️

  6. REPLY
    JoAnn Merriman Eaton says

    Rana, you are a sweet chameleon. A wonderful, beautiful sensitive soul. Ready to befriend, or stand back and observe to see what is needed by a sister. I adore you.

  7. REPLY
    Debbie Sides says

    I just adore Rana. Such a sweet girl.

  8. REPLY
    Rosie P says

    How many times in my life have I heard from many people “oh, it’s just an animal”!
    I grew up loving the Natural World, watching in wonder the birds who came to our feeders, the interactions between them, the slow worm in the grass and the bees who visited my proudly grown array of flowers.
    Anyone who thinks “oh, it’s just an animal” should read these blogs for we can learn so much from the animal kingdom. If we could try to be more like beautiful Rana this world would be a better place, for sure.

  9. REPLY
    Lila says

    Rana, I adore you!!! I want a friend like you, want to be like you. How simply happy and strong you are. I really really love you.

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