Rana’s Empty Crate Is on Its Way!

This morning the transport truck came to pick up Rana’s empty crate. It was loaded and sent on its way. The drive there will take 3-5 days, depending upon how much the drivers choose to push themselves. We met both drivers today and they are very excited to be involved with an elephant rescue.

Another step along the way to bringing Rana home. 

December 5, 2018


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    Susan says

    Bless them and praying that it is a safe journey for them. Such precious cargo. They are making history! Any idea how long before the return trip would be underway? I understand from your other posts that there is prep to do with Rana. Does it depend on her comfort to ride in the container? I cannot tell you how much I look forward to your posts. There are many animal groups I follow but I must admit you are my number one! Love you lots!

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      Kat Blais says

      Thank you, that is very sweet and an enormous compliment. Our goal is to have her home just before Christmas, but this will depend somewhat on her. Rana is an old circus elephant and they generally travel very well. She will have a chance to spend time checking out the transport container, then our team will work with her to see where her comfort level is. The trip should take 4-5 days, again depending upon how she does during the ride. As with everything for us, it’s about the elephants, if things need to be delayed because of her struggling in any way, we are ok with that. It’s what is best for her.

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    Linda Lalonde says

    I am betting that just because of the people that will be working with her, and the communication she will sense with them, that she will know this is a different event from any she has experienced before. I believe it won’t take her long to be willing and excited to start this next journey. She is wise beyond words, as are all elephants. What a wonderful chapter in her life is now getting underway! Thank you to all involved, and for sharing this with us.

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    Sherry says

    Sherry says, This is such a wonderful story to read and know about! It is so heart warming. I love you all and thank you so very much
    for all the wonderful work that you do every single day of the year!!!

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