Getting elephants through the sanctuary gates is an enormous first step, but for them, this is when the real work starts. After decades of abuse and neglect while in the circus, Rana’s older and ailing body will need physical support along with the emotional assistance lovingly given to her by Maia and her caregivers.

Your gift will help support Rana in a way she has never known:

  • $22 = will buy a two day’s supply of assorted fruits, vegetables and extra special treats that will be needed to work towards gaining Rana’s trust, enabling us to examine and treat her
  • $57 = will buy a month’s supply of supportive kidney herbs that Rana’s blood work suggests are needed. These herbs have been used very successfully in Ramba’s care
  • $94 = will buy two weeks of other necessary vitamins and supplements for improved health including joint and digestive supplements, Vitamin-E and a general vitamin supplement
  • $176 =A generous donation of $176 will feed Rana for a week. This includes her grains, fruits and vegetables. Helping her body come back into balance, enabling her to heal.

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Thank You!

On behalf of all of us here at Global Sanctuary for Elephants and Elephant Sanctuary Brazil we would like to thank you. We are grateful you have chosen to help give Rana a second chance at life and support her through her journey.


Rana Before and After