Rana Thinks Bambi’s Snack Looks Delicious


Rana, Bambi, and Mara are leisurely enjoying their afternoon snack when Rana starts to eye Bambi’s pile of hay. Rana very casually walks over, takes a trunkful of Bambi’s hay, and keeps walking. Bambi seems completely unfazed and finishes her mouthful before heading back to finish what was originally Rana’s pile. You’ll notice that, of course, neither Bambi nor Rana touch Mara’s food.

One of the unique things about captive elephants who live in habitats where natural food is available to them at all times is that there is little to no competition for food. Because they can eat what they find around them in nature, there is generally no food aggression and most elephants don’t seem to be bothered by other elephants taking a bit of what’s been set out for them. It’s just one more benefit to providing a wild habitat for elephants.


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    Raven Black says

    Sharing is caring! ❤
    They say the grass looks greener on the other side! In this case the hay looks yummier in the other pile Haha!
    Love them! x

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    Merry says

    Will there ever be any chance of a live webcam?
    The quality of your videos is brilliant! Thank you .

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      Kat Blais says

      The cameras we have set up now have the capability of being live webcams. It is the bandwidth that is an issue that will require an expensive system set up because of the limitations of what is available here. So, for now, we are focusing on expansion, so we can rescue more elephants. Then, we will try to sort out setting up a system for live webcams.

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    JoAnn Merriman-Eaton says

    Love that ever so casual walk by steal a snack by Rana!

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    Wim says

    Thanks sister Bambi, your yummy hay will make my day. 🙏🐘

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