Rana, Maia and Guida Updates

Maia and Guida

And while everyone is closely paying attention to Rana’s journey, Maia and Guida spent the morning napping. In this photo it’s Maia standing over Guida while she sleeps. And for how sleepy Maia was this morning and how much she likes her naps, this is pretty impressive. 

Rana and the team are moving along. The group stopped for a quick bite, which meant Rana had one too. They also had to stop roadside for their first toll. There was jackfruit available on the side of the road, so Rana got one while she waited.

At this moment they are only driving about 40 miles per hour. With Maia and Guida they drove between 50 & 60. This will put Rana’s trip on the side of four days instead of three. But it may just be the driver getting used to how the container feels with an elephant inside. We will all find out together.

It’s time to run and take care of our girls, but I will update everyone later if you don’t hear anything live from the team on the road. They left reception about an hour ago and I’m not sure when they will get back in.

December 18, 2018


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  1. REPLY
    Susan says

    What a beautiful photo showing such companionship and support. Bless them and sanctuary for giving this to them.

  2. REPLY
    Sherry says

    This photo makes me want to live at sanctuary!! They are feeling safe and secure!! Love to you all!!

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