Rana Heading to Dinner

A short video of RanaBug at dinnertime. Many people had concerns about how well she would be able to get around, and as you can see, she does really well. Sometimes she steps with her front leg forward and bends at the ankle to compensate for her elbow, while other times she swings the entire leg out. Either way, she can not only keep a ‘normal’ pace, but she has a zooming speed as well. The more muscle she builds, the easier it will be for her to move.

People also often ask about the ear flaps, and they can mean many things. Along with taking the entire scenario into consideration, speed and intensity are a general giveaway. This video shows her ears at what we refer to as ‘windshield wiper speed.’ The lack of intensity and repetitiveness of this speed is her general ear flap used for cooling and bugs. Being that it was a mild day, it’s most likely a bug flap.

As always, her flaps differ from Maia and Guida and are interpreted accordingly.

January 25, 2019


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    Carey says

    Thank you! I was also wondering about whether she still touches her trunk to her mouth that made you aware of the possibility of tooth problems? And maybe her GI tract? Does she allow you to treat her medically yet or is that not yet happening?

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      Kat Blais says

      The trunk in the mouth was Guida, that’s not something Rana has ever done. I just asked Scott in case I had missed something. Besides her leg, and her feet, the only other physical concern we had was that the hotel took blood once, when Rana was having trouble standing, and some of her values were elevated. But we don’t know if that was something acute or something ongoing. We can treat her vulva and are now working on foot presentation, but it will take time before we are able to do soaks. Blood draw will take even longer, but we are working on getting her there.

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    Nancy Shaw says


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