Rana and Ramba in the Pond

Rana and Ramba have been swimming in the pond before, but this is the first time we’ve seen this behavior occurring between the two of them in- or out- the pond. It’s something our long-time followers saw happen between Maia and Guida.  Ramba has been here for a little over seven weeks (!!) and seeing this type of behavior between her and another elephant so quickly is amazing. It’s a protective behavior that demonstrates how close Rana and Ramba have become.

This is a long video but it’s worth watching until the end.  It’s a milestone that tells you they trust each other fully, and the fact it’s occurring in a pond (complete with Ramba’s “snorkel trunk”) is just… well, you’ll need to watch the video yourself!

December 9, 2019




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    Lila says

    Awwwww! So perfect…

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