Rana and Mara Explore the Woods

Today the girls spent most of the afternoon in yard 5. They decided to explore a wooded area close to the divider fence that is not only ridiculously charming but also cool and shady. Mara did very well, and Rana made sure she stayed close. Mara is going to experience many firsts, and some can be a little intimidating for an elephant that is a bit insecure. Lady is reserved around other elephants, but fears nothing when it comes to exploration and nature. Mara loves her Rana, is doing well with Maia, but you could see the slight hesitation when entering the tree line. Of course, she doesn’t have to go, but she wanted to. She just seemed a little unsure of what she was getting herself into. But you will see in the video that she decided to take the lead after the first bit.

Maia came and joined them from time to time, walking away and going into other areas between visits. Sometimes she stands right with them while other times she’ll stand 20 yards away. Some people voiced their concern yesterday for Maia not being part of things. The reality is, a large portion of how it all plays out is her choice. Maia could stay with them for much longer; they are not walking away from her, she is choosing to leave them. This behavior is something we have seen with her and Rana in the past and may be how she decides to be for some time. Maia and Guida shared such a strong bond, but it isn’t a relationship she has seemed to have wanted with any other elephant. She likes spending some time in the company of others, enjoys a good scratching, and some touching, but then seems ready to go. More depth than that may simply be something she is not ready for yet.

Guida’s passing is still relatively recent, and Maia had a lot to work through afterward. As some people know, sometimes you have a once in a lifetime relationship that nothing else will ever compare to. If you’re lucky. She may not be ready to open up her heart again in such a way, but she is not alone and can still find solace in the companionship of other elephants when she chooses. At sanctuary, it’s all about choice. And there are elephants there when she feels it is time.

Video- Rana and Mara in the woods, with a few squeaks, some smelling and touching. Then Mara leads the way to a spot to graze. They are in yard 5 and had to walk past the pond to get where they were. Mara has yet to show interest in going in the wallow or pond.

May 20, 2020




  1. REPLY
    Julie says

    What a nice, shady picnic!

  2. REPLY
    Carey says

    My goodness that’s beautiful ….

    • REPLY
      Wim Diepeveen says

      Wonderful scenes of The Enchanted Forest. The girls look gorgeous and relaxed. Maia must still be in deep mourning. Are humans sensitive enough to understand how sentient Elephants are. ??????

  3. REPLY
    Sandra Hunt says

    Hello from Vancouver, Canada! Thank you Scott and your team for everything. I look forward to the daily videos!

  4. REPLY
    Barb says

    Such a peaceful and charming scene of the girls in a wondrous ESB!

  5. REPLY
    Sallie Robbins-Druian says

    No matter the scenario, this is still a wonderful LOVE story, with more to come . . . It will all work out just fine!

  6. REPLY
    Jillyp says

    Thank you so much – it’s wonderful to see Mara’s new experiences ???

  7. REPLY
    Paula says

    ¡Que alegría saber que Mara hace una semana que está en libertad!??
    ¡Y que ella es otra elefanta más que se rescató del cautiverio!
    Muchas gracias Scott y Kat por hacer esto posible!❤
    No paso un solo día sin pensar en Pocha, Guillermina, Kenia y Tamy.
    Siento una profunda vergüenza e indignación como ciudadana argentina de las condiciones de vida que mi país les brinda.
    ¿Faltará mucho tiempo aún para su traslado?
    Ojalá se pueda hacer pronto, es muy muy triste verlos como viven.
    Pero ahora existe la oportunidad de llevarlos al santuario y hay que aferrarse a la esperanza de que lo lograrán!?????

    • REPLY
      EleComposer says

      Hi Paula, thank you so much for your support of all the elephants in Argentina and a wish to see them all at sanctuary. As for the Mendozas, Covid-19 is going to cause a significant problem for the relocation of them. Getting Mara here was nothing short of a little mini-miracle; it’s going to be much harder for Pocha and Guillermina. One of the biggest roadblocks is that Karissa is going to need to go down there and finish their training for quarantine because they’re not fully trained yet for all of the behaviors they need to do for blood draw, injection, etc.

      Every rescue is an exhaustive amount of work and we are trying to find ways to work around the delays. So yes, we are actively working on getting the Mendoza elephants here, but Covid-19 is going to impact it greatly. Unfortunately much more so than was with Mara.

  8. REPLY
    Paula says

    ¡Muchas gracias por su respuesta y explicación de la situación!
    Comprendo todos los obstáculos que existen y ahora además el Covid-19…
    Pero hay que seguir adelante y dentro de un cercano futuro los elefantes seguro que llegarán a su merecido hogar!
    ¡Los acompaño a ustedes con mi pensamiento y amor todos los días!
    Ustedes forman parte ya de la vida de muchas personas que piensan y sienten igual!!!

    • REPLY
      EleComposer says

      Gracias, Paula! ❤️

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