Rana and Mara are More Vocal

As social dynamics are still settling at the sanctuary, we see Mara and Rana together more and more. While Guillermina still visits them often, she has been spending an increasing amount of time with Maia and Bambi of late.

Rana and Mara are  vocal when it’s just the two of them, chatting often. It seems they have a party in the morning, another in the evening, and yet another when they get excited by a mud wallow or a pond. It appears that nearly every part of their day warrants a celebration and both are really light and silly on these days. Because they’re enjoying the water sources frequently, they are often found covered in mud, looking radiant as can be. This sign of contentment may mean that they are easing into their new situation slowly but surely.

P.S.: In this video, a very muddy Rana stands next to Mara, who is leisurely laying in a small mud wallow of their own making. It seems that no matter how many mud wallows we make for the girls, they always seem to prefer the ones they make themselves.


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    Sue says

    As the old saying goes…’If I fits, I sits!!’ 🥰 Love hearing about signs of contentment for all the girls and hoping they are able to find some as often as possible. Thank you for the adorable video!! ❤️🐘❤️

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    Sheila says

    Oh these Muddy ladies… so I guess Rana and Mara Don’t join Bambi and Maia yet? Sad. It seems Mara. Cast Bambi out and Bambis feeling r still hurt@! It’s sad because now if RANA joins GUILLIE. BAMBI, MAIA. THEN I WONDER IF MARA WOULD JOIN. THAT 4 SOME?? SEEMS ABIT CONFLICTING NOW WITH THE HERD. ONLY 5 LEFT NOW BUT THERE R 2 GROUPS OF 2 LADIES AND GUILLIE. ROAMS ALONE AND GOES VISITING THE 2 SOMES.😢I FEEL QUITE SAD!! IS THERE ANY CHANCE KENYA WILL COME OR PUPY AND KUKY SOON?

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