Ramba’s Update From Chile

Ramba in ChileWe are going to follow up our one beauty who is waiting for her CITES permits (Pelusa) with our lovely grandma who is in the same boat. Chile required Ramba’s import and export permits to be done separately, so Pelusa’s will probably come through first.  This is an update from Chile written by Carolina. She has been with Ramba not quite since the beginning, but from the second time we went back to the zoo, trained staff and took over directing and providing Ramba’s care.

“This time of year brings me very nice memories, when the cabin was my home for a long time. I loved to stay on the balcony for a long time contemplated Ramba. Autumn brings with it a very special light that during the year not always we can appreciate and observe it. You can see again the new species of birds that are beginning to arrive and I see that others have already migrated…everything is moving all the time and we are part of that everyday as well.

Ramba looks gorgeous and bright walking calmly through the habitat when the park is in absolute silence. I remember the peace that came from looking at her from the balcony… I value infinitely every stage that I have lived here with her. She has eaten great these days also had been grazing a lot , the weather is still nice but the mornings are more cold however she was outside grazing when I arrived ???????? . Fall always bring nice presents in the road we just have to observe and receive with gratitude ???????????????? ????????????‍????????????

For those who don’t already know, English is not Ramba’s caregivers’ first language, but we are tremendously grateful for their knowledge. We post their updates without editing because there is a genuine emotion that comes through when they remain untouched.

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