Ramba’s Rescue Fundraiser Update – Another 10K Match Now!

Update on the fundraiser to bring Ramba to the sanctuary.  So far, you have donated $60,589 towards Ramba’s rescue- almost halfway there!! And in case you haven’t given and would like some added incentive, we have another generous $10K match that we are starting. Every dollar you donate, up to $10,000, will be matched, dollar for dollar.

The thermometer we are using to track donations has a goal of $125,000, which is the cost of Ramba’s flight, and only her flight. We don’t yet have final numbers on her ground transport, taxes or fees for the extra cranes needed at the airports. We hope that the money already raised in her past rescue fundraiser will be enough to cover all of those costs. That being said, we may need to adjust our final need number when we receive the totals.

Thank you to everyone who has given, shared, and sent supportive notes. It is all greatly appreciated. For those who don’t think they can have an impact with this kind of price tag, every single dollar ads up. It takes a village to make a difference, and we can’t rescue her on our own. We need all of you to come together with us to change Ramba’s life

August 14, 2019


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    Maggie says

    Thank you for the update.

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