Ramba’s ‘Light’ Blanket

Ramba in Chile with her light blanket

Ramba wearing her ‘light’ blanket

It’s not really cold in Chile yet, but the heater in Ramba’s barn was having issues, so Carolina put Ramba’s ‘light’ blanket on. She does have a heavier elephant blanket, but it’s not cold enough for that one just yet.

Ramba isn’t really thrilled with wearing her blankets, which is why she has two. She’s more willing to leave the pink one on for a longer period of time. When she is really cold, she will wear her official ‘elephant blanket’. Elephants that are worked with through protected contact don’t have someone right next to them to keep their blankets on them. Ramba has the ability to walk away and take it off when she wants. Normally she returns to her heated barn throughout the day to warm up and venture back out into the cold.

Ramba wearing her official ‘elephant blanket’

It’s still warming up nicely in the afternoon and the sun is strong. This was the first time her blankets have been pulled out this year and if her heater was working, it wouldn’t have been needed. The zoo is having someone come on Monday to fix an electrical box outside of her yard that has caused the issue and then her heater should be just fine.




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    Caroline Westbrook-Jones says

    So wonderful, to see her so happy and contented!

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