Please give Ramba the gift of healing by donating towards the care she desperately needs.


Your love and support of a new life for Ramba has enabled us to rescue Ramba from the roadside zoo in Chile.   Now it’s time to begin to focus on everything needed for her care at sanctuary. Because of our long-term relationship with Ramba, we already know of several of her physical issues that you can help provide support for.

Ramba is a geriatric elephant who suffers from a variety of issues as a result of a hard life. These include:

  • chronic foot issues from decades on chains and living on cement when with the circus
  • kidney and liver compromise due to an inappropriate diet, lack of hydration, and being fed items like dog food while with the circus
  • old temporal gland and abscess issues- pressure sores from lying on concrete for years

We have cared for Ramba from afar, developing a protocol that has slowed the progression of her disease, but now it’s time to be hands-on and provide her with all of her needs. Sanctuary and other elephants will help heal her soul, but we need your help to support her body.

Donate Now.  Help Ramba Heal.

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Thank you so much for making your donation today and for making a direct impact on Ramba’s life.   Forever.

Be Her Hero. Help Her Heal.

Every dollar makes a difference.  Every supplement helps her heal.   Every one of us can make a difference.