Ramba’s Beautiful Sweet Smile

Ramba at Ecoparque Safari, ChileAnd to offset the dreary photo from Chile last week, here is a lovely sunny one with Ramba showcasing her beautiful sweet smile. To go with it, Consu’s update from Mother’s Day.

“Happy day to one of the most beautiful mom, is our precious “mother nature”. Each one of the beings that are part of this planet have a role unique and special. Our lovely mother give us everyday to rise and reborn with the sun and every night leave that our mind fly and dreams beside to the moon.

This lovely weekend we can feel the the weather more cold and everyday the sun shine a little less, the clouds give us more company and cover the sky sharing with us an amazing picture. ???? Rambita has been digging a lot and resting with her trunk in the ground still trying to soak up the weak sun rays. We have a change in the schedule because now in Chile are using something that calls “winter schedule” the clocks have to delay one hour, so we have more light in the morning but about the 18:00 is more dark, i can see Rambita pretty normal today just with a little more hungry today in the morning; but beside of that nothing, we will see how she feel this week with the new hour ????⏳” –Consu

May 15, 2018

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