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It has been a while since we’ve shared a Ramba post. She continues to do well as the fall arrives, with cooler mornings and evenings, and we work on her rescue. Her process is a little different than Pelusa’s because of what each government requires. For Pelusa we’re going through both the import and export CITES permits at the same time. With Ramba, the Chilean government wants her import permits approved before they begin work on her export permits. So it may end up that Pelusa gets here first.

We are also continuing to try and find a better price for her charter flight or a company that will donate it. FedEx declined due to not having the right sized plane and needing to charter one for Ramba’s rescue. There is another company who is interested in helping, but just gave an elevated quote from the one they provided several months ago- higher fuel prices, but they said will talk and get back to us. So we continue on.

For those that don’t know Ramba yet, she was the last circus elephant in Chile that Scott and myself moved from the circus to a roadside zoo. Ecopolis, a Chilean NGO arranged for her to travel to a sanctuary in the US, but they needed 6 months for testing and permits. Sadly, those plans fell through and she has been waiting alone for someone to take her for 6 years. Now that GSE exists and we have completed construction of a large area for female Asian elephants at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, we are able to offer her a home. If you would like to learn more about Ramba you can  CLICK HERE  if you would like to give towards her rescue, you can do so here DONATE HERE

Thank you

For those of you who have donated or looked at her rescue campaign, you will notice the goal has been reduced by $50,000. This is due to reductions in ground transportation and other companies willing to aid in her rescue. We’ll be thanking them more publicly later on. 

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