Ramba Update from Caro in Chile

Ramba in Chile

And let’s not forget about lovely Ramba. Update from Caro in Chile.

These days we are going through what we call “veranito de San juan” when the southern hemisphere enters in winter solstice and begins to get colder. Thanks god this week will be sunny and rambita can enjoy the sun, warm up her body and take naps that she like so much. I only hope that this winter is as gentle as last year, in the case that we have to be here.

I feel that everything is changing and that nature is also advancing its processes … the internal and external observation I think is very important because as things change around us inside of us, it also happens. I continue to feel her different, a little distant and somewhat distrustful but at the same time I empathize a lot with her and I try to respect her rhythm and space. This cold weather is sometimes hostile and boring however I appreciate her strength and patience to endure so many years of the same. It is an interesting challenge for us too.

For clarity, Ramba gets bored during the winter and becomes a little more distant and inpatient. Caro and Consu give her enrichment and try to keep the days exciting and different, but for such an intelligent species, it’s impossible. Her behavior has also been slightly different since she slipped off of the fence. Physically she is fine, but she can be a little more reserved with her human interactions now. This will probably pass, so Caro and Consu allow her to have her extra space while continuing to provide her with emotional support and love.

June 14, 2018


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    Debbie Sides says

    Hold on Ramba. We’re continuing to donate towards your tansport to get you to ESB! Stay strong until then and you will enjoy the spacious beauty and endless enrichment of beautiful serene ESB.

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