Ramba Update From Caro In Chile

RambaHere is a Ramba update from Caro at the safari park in Chile.

“Hola chicos cómo están buenas noches !???? just to let you know that finally and fortunately winter hollidays is ended today????????????????really was a crazy parque safari season and last weekend but well….is done! Now the winter is going on and also a new month , August…Every day more close to our lovely spring when rambita can stay whole day grazing in the yard for long time more than these winter months.

Last days was sunny and that was awesome for mama ..cold in the morning but nice! She is eating very good, many green vegetables, sweet apples and fresh carrots, pineapples.. * many poop, in and out *, drank warm water, sweet and kind behavior all the day ????shaking a bit in the morning but during the day she rest a lot in the corner where the sun arrive all day.

she adore her corner despite the dinos and people noise, incredible how she can reach the peace in the middle of the chaos. As she spend long time in the corner she isn’t walking very much neither much grass to look for, however a walk can change the perspective.????????????.

Goodbye July, thankful for everything that happened, welcome August, with open arms we welcome you, bring us good news please. Soon!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????

See, it’s not just all of you who awaits good news for Ramba. Incoming news has been quiet, although that doesn’t mean that we aren’t still pushing and trying to find ways to make things go faster. We are trying to schedule a face to face meeting with the people at Ibama Brasilia who are responsible for approval of her CITES permits. Unfortunately many people have been on vacation and we were told they could only schedule when those individuals returned. We are supposed to receive a call or email today.

Aug 1, 2018


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    Susan Hunt says

    Thank you for the update. She is always on my mind. I wish I had Ramba’s patience. Bless you all for everything you do.

  2. REPLY
    Sherry says

    This poor elephant needs the Global Sanctuary for Elephants for care, love, and comfort!!!!!!
    I can see she is trying to find comfort!! Does she even know what love feels like???

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      Caro and Consu, her caregivers, do adore her and she knows that. Ramba is just one of those elephants we believe will only fully open up when she is with other elephants. ALL elephants need elephant companionship, but for some it opens up their entire being.

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    Suzanne McCoy says

    I thought I had read that Ramba’s paperwork was complete and all that was needed was funding for airfare. Aren’t negotiations with DHL ongoing? I am concerned she will face an end as dearest Pelusa.. Which will break my heart once more. What else can we do to help?

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      Unfortunately Ramba’s CITES import permits are what has everything in a holding pattern right now. If you ever want to check on her rescue status, you can go to her page and at the bottom is her ‘rescue status’ which will show any updates. We had two visits with Ibama (who is in charge of her CITES permits in Brazil) this week, trying to push things forward. But it’s bureaucracy, so there’s no much we can do. We are still talking to DHL, but they don’t have the proper planes either. They are working with one of their partners to see what they can do but it may depend on what planes are in the area at the time. Sadly there’s nothing to be done at this moment, but there may be a time where we have to call on our supporters for help.

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