Ramba Looking Great and Exploring The Habitat

Ramba in the habitat

We were going to do another video,  but we are without power so not sure when we will get a chance to do that. But we will look for an opportunity.

We just want you to know that everything is good and moving in a positive direction. Ramba looks great. No touching yet still, it’s really kind of funny, but Ramba and Rana are doing a lot of very close interactions. And everybody looks nice and calm.

Rana looks a little bit tired and Maia is about to come back to the barn. So we’re going to do her treatment and see how things evolve. But overall things are looking good! ❤️

photo: Ramba exploring

October 21, 2019


And Miss Maia this morning also out in the habitat:

Maia out in the habitat







  1. REPLY
    Nancy Nortell says

    How wonderful to see her content in her surroundings. She must feel as though she’s in heaven. What a wonderful life you’ve provided for her. Thank you!

    • REPLY
      Kelejan says

      I was going to say that she is in Heaven, Nancy, but you beat me to it. I am sure she thinks that as well. Bless her.

  2. REPLY
    Maggie says

    Sweet Ramba you look wonderful. Being covered in mud suits you. Rana is being very respectful to you. I hope you touch soon. Love you beautiful…….and your sisters!

  3. REPLY
    Claire Boult says

    Beautiful Ramba’s looking fabulous in her new habitat. Its great to see her exploring and doing proper elephant things ??. The budding relationship between her and Rana is beautiful but very poignant. It’s heart rending how they don’t quite dare to touch each other, but i’m sure they will in time. Everyone at Global Elephants’ and all those involved in Ramba’s journey should be extremely proud of your wonderful achievement ??

  4. REPLY
    Sherry says

    This is a very good sign as you must know! Ramba is content discovering her new home. It is exciting and wonderful to watch
    all of this happening.
    Thank you very much sanctuary.

  5. REPLY
    Jean McDermott says

    So good to see Ramba in her well deserved home. The three of them will probably become good friends. It is always so heartwarming when a beautiful elephant is freed from captivity and able to live their lives as they are meant t.o. Big thanks for all you do for them!

  6. REPLY
    Carey says

    my my what a stunning photo…
    She must be finding it so lush and varied, and the climate so much easier, in this photo she looks as if she is a normal wild elephant in a natural habitat.
    Great news in your update, thank you

  7. REPLY
    cyrann says

    It’s so wonderful seeing how Ramba is settling in and Maia and Rana giving her the time she needs to adjust, There such incredible and sensitive beauties……….
    Always love turning on my computer and getting a new update!!!!!!!!!

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