Ramba: Hopefully Fate Is On Her Side This Time


Today is the first day of our fundraiser to bring Ramba to sanctuary. We are focusing our fundraising efforts on Nov 28th, but donations are now open- for those who have been asking.

Ramba’s story is a little tough because once we drove away from the circus lot, everyone involved thought her life was about to turn around- we all thought she would have sanctuary. The day was full of such happiness and positivity.

When we found out she wasn’t going to the sanctuary in the US that had intended to take her, we still had hope. The first winter, when she lost a significant amount of weight, we all worried she would never know the joy of the companionship of other elephants. After all she endured, her happiness that once seemed so close, now seemed so far away.

Everyone involved in this long journey is very emotional about Ramba coming to sanctuary. Caro and Consu adore her, she has more than many captive elephants, but it’s not remotely enough- she is still alone and her limited space cannot offer her the stimulation or autonomy elephants need to truly heal. Ramba is an absolute peach, but we know there is so much more yet to be uncovered.

For anyone who wants to donate a little early, the bonus prize from Newman’s Own Foundation this week is: for every $500 raised, GSE will receive an entry to win $2500. One prize will be awarded each day.

For everyone else, we’ll focus on November 28th, although support at any time, in any amount, is always appreciation. Hopefully fate is on her side this time and we can raise the money needed to finally bring her home. To bring her to family.

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