Ramba and Rana On the Move

This video is two in one and shows how fast Ramba is. Someone asked yesterday if elephants ever really ‘raced’ anywhere, and the answer is yes with African elephants, holy cow, absolutely. Asian elephants, not at the same speed, but they are fast when they want to be. Ramba hasn’t grasped that the four-wheeler isn’t always a food truck, so unlike the other girls, she is much more attentive to its presence. She’s getting better, but it’s still exciting.

In the first bit, Rana is waiting as Ramba comes from off-screen. You can see Rana urinate- something we’ve talked about in the past as well. Not always submissive, sometimes it’s just a happy greeting. Ramba shows up and almost blazes right past Rana, but stops and makes an airy noise and reaches out towards her, as if she’s checking to make sure she is coming. And then they’re off, with Rana doing her best to keep up- which is pretty good.

The next bit is just Ramba, but you can see she moves well, holds her head higher, and looks great in general. Someone else had asked how we get her to come back to the barn if we need to, and this is how. You can do it from the outside of the enclosure as well, which is the usual way. She follows like a trooper and can be back at the barn in no time.

November 19, 2019




  1. REPLY
    Carey says

    So quick and so quiet, great to see such enthusiasm and great movement from Ramba, And she is clearly loving the change of diet habitat and climate. Surely there is also good changes to her skin?

  2. REPLY
    Sheila says

    WONDERFUL ‼️?Oh yes Sweet RAMBA, ?Really believes 4 wheeler is treat truck! silly Girl. She’ll catch on soon, Nice to see RANA ? Received a message or concern. It was like ❤️?RAMBA saying ❤️?RANA. U must keep up sister????. YES THAT SWEET RAMBA. SURE HURRYING ALONG NICELY?

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