Ramba and Rana in the Pond

For those of you who would like a longer, more laid back video of the girls, here you go. Sorry for the shakey bits, but we were running out to check on something and were pleasantly surprised to get to see them go into the pond together and didn’t have a great camera with us.

You will hear words of encouragement to Rana at times; this is because she still seems a little scared of pushing Ramba away if she is too forward (because of her initial relationship with Maia and Guida). While many times you can see the excitement in her face, she is still reserved in her actions.

This was the first afternoon we had seen them spend hours right next to each other. They are on different speeds at the moment, Rana is lazy sanctuary mode, Ramba still wanting to explore and see everything there is. Often that means they are together for a bit, then Ramba wanders. Ramba will either return, or Rana will eventually venture off to find her. But this afternoon, they were together for about six hours without Ramba going on a walkabout.

Ramba was in the pond first, and Rana slowly joins her. But again, it’s Ramba that comes close to Rana, initiating contact. They stayed in for quite some time, then came out, and Rana ate while Ramba scratched and grazed. One of the best parts of it was something we didn’t catch on film but saw as we drove past on our way back to the barn. The two girls were standing side by side, and Rana was gently running her trunk over Ramba’s back. The whole time Rana had on a big cheezy grin. It was as touchy as we have seen her been with Ramba and lovely to see them both very relaxed about it.

For those who are curious- the ponds will have more water in them than that. We emptied them to clean the bottoms, re-line them with clay, and expand them a bit. They will eventually be full enough that the girls can submerge without their bellies sticking up out of the water. But it ends up not being a bad thing for Ramba. The walls of her pond in Chile had fallen in, and she was too nervous about going back in it after it was repaired. With the water level being lower, it allows her to get comfortable before it is full.

October 30, 2019




  1. REPLY
    Carol says

    this little video was soooo precious. happy for both of the girls! very relaxed and content.

  2. REPLY
    Barb Wilson says

    I have waited for a moment like this! Pond fun is wonderful fun for the girls. Precious!

  3. REPLY
    Carol Anderson says

    I knew from the beginning that Rana and Ramba would be best of friends. The signs were there. Its wonderful to see them together.

  4. REPLY
    Sherry says

    I hope all 3 of the elephants can be friends to share their lives and with each other. I love to see the 2 girls in the pond together. Enjoy each others company, yes they are.

  5. REPLY
    Carey says

    How beautiful, hopefully a blossoming friendship. thank you so much for this longer lazy video 🙂

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