Ramba and Her Itches

Today we gave Ramba and Rana access to one of the two big yards. Since she seems comfortable with Rana and was looking for bigger spaces, we decided it was a good time to open up.

Ramba did great. Her and Rana both stopped for a drink and bath before taking off, and then Ramba headed down the fence line to discover what exactly was out there. We walked along, on the outside of the fence, with her caregivers, figuring Ramba would go a little and stop, but she went all of the way down to the East fence. She stopped at the water trough, then the mud wallow, ate under the shade tree and then continued on to the middle of the habitat, grazing along the way.

Rana ended up falling way behind since she is generally in mosey speed after breakfast and the area we walked through is one of her favorites for stopping and grazing on vines and small trees. But Ramba was more focused on seeing what her new world had in store for her.

With how insecure Ramba seemed in Chile compared to last time we saw her, and how cautiously she is taking things with socializing, it was great to see a tremendous level of confidence as she moved about the habitat and just wandered away. Sanctuary life at its finest.

October 23, 2019


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    alana says

    Ramba must be in elephant Nirvana, no dinosaur roars, tress to scratch her whole body on, trees to munch a bunch on, new plants & trees to taste, room to explorer, mud to wallow in (has she found the new pound yet?), people who adore her & RanaBug & Maia are icing on the cake.
    I don’t know this for a fact I just know it’s true, Ramba feels she’s come home & is Loving it.
    Tell Ramabas Chili caregivers, I feel for the big empty space they now have to deal with. She couldn’t have gotten here without their Love.
    Scott, Kat staff, other critters, Thank You for sharing.

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    Terry says

    Rambas’s itch for genuine freedom. The biggest, sweetest itch of all!!! Wow!

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    Debbie Sides says

    Love the discoveries Ramba is making in her new home. Exploring the vast space is wonderful. So very happy she is home. Love these girls!

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    Carey says


  5. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Yesireeeee, that girl loves her home! I believe she is for sure feeling happiness. What is happiness, feeling FREEDOM! It is so wonderful to watch. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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