Rainy Days and Pool Parties

We have mentioned before that the girls generally love it when it rains. Funnily enough, we have found that elephants often head toward the water during a storm. It’s not something unique to our ladies; we’ve seen elephants all over the world do similar things. Perhaps their thought process is, “I’m already getting wet, so I might as well get really wet.” But they are definitely heading to the water to play. There can be little pool parties with lots of splashing. 

A few days ago, we had what ended up being a short rain and we could see Bambi, Mara, and Rana through the camera. Once the wind started blowing and it was clear that a storm was headed in, all three gathered together and had a silly pre-storm celebration. Bambi left the other two and headed for the mud wallow, but she just stood in the mud watching her friends, who never joined her. Perhaps they could sense that it was going to be a short rain. A few minutes later, once the rain had passed, Bambi decided she no longer wanted to have a party for one and rejoined Mara and Rana.

Photo of Mara, who loves the pond in any kind of weather


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    John says

    Elephants = God’s greatest creation.

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