Rain Brings the Silly

Maia and Guida

These two, how can you not love them? Rain brings the silly and these two have been all about it lately. It also helps that it’s mango season so we sprinkle them around the habitat regularly as well, for them and other animals, to find on their own time.

Sometimes they don’t find them the same day and as they are heading out the next day you see them wander off as they smell something. A few seconds later and their eyes light up as they have their ‘Oooh Mango’ moment and pop it in their mouths.

photo- Guida on the left, Maia on the right

October 25, 2018


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  1. REPLY
    Tom DiCarrado says

    I find it there’s nothing better in this world than to bring joy to an animal.

  2. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Rain can make children and some people and animals happy. Thank you for taking good care of the elephants!

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