Female Asian Elephant


In the concrete pit at the zoo, Pocha was empty and withdrawn but...

within a few days at sanctuary has really let her personality shine!

Pocha, along with her daughter Guillermina, lived over the wall from Tamy at the Mendoza EcoParque in Argentina before they made the journey to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil in May 2022.  In the concrete pit they were confined to, there was little room for separation- 4 meters is about the limit they could wander. Pocha, playing the role of a good mom, is the stronger of the two, always carrying the role of protector.

At the zoo, Pocha was light skinned, in part from rubbing on the concrete walls and in part because of her dry skin. She also wears a lot of pink skin with black polka-dots, common with the natural depigmentation that occurs in Asian elephants. Her moderate frame carried saggy skin.  She has a cheeky smile but her bright eyes were shielding her spirit. Instead of being the windows to her soul she had learned to close that portal, to protect her heart while clearly saying, “Be careful, I am here to protect.” That said, the playful spirit of her daughter resides within Pocha as well.

At the sanctuary, Pocha was the first to venture out of her transport crate, but not before playing in the sand and puddles of rain for over 4 hours.  She may never have dusted herself with sand before, but doing so was instinctual and it clearly felt good. Her new life at the sanctuary has just begun.  After spending an eternity in a concrete pit, everything is new now:  new smells, new tastes, new surroundings, and new sounds – including the sounds of the other elephant residents.  Both Pocha and Guillermina have been transitioning well, taking their time and doing things at their own pace.  Both are very chatty – talking, squeaking, raspberries, little trumpets, honks, and more squeaks.

Although Pocha has had brief encounters with the other girls, on her own time and only when she is ready, Pocha will begin to fully discover the vast land and full life that lies ahead of her.

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57 years old



Forever Home

Elephant Sanctuary Brazil




Mama, Poch




Pocha is a quiet and protective mom to her daughter, Guillermina.




Pocha arrived at the Mendoza EcoParque in Argentina in 1968 from Germany.




Evidence of foot issues, substantial skin issues, wellness bloodwork not done in Mendoza



Body Condition

Significantly overweight due to lack of exercise and poor diet at the zoo.




At the zoo, Pocha had another elephant calf, who was delivered stillborn in 1988


From a Concrete Pit at the Zoo...

...to Sanctuary!

Ways To Support Pocha

Adopt Pocha and Guillermina

Become Their Ele-Guardian

We all have a special place in our hearts for elephants, but there is often one that resonates more with each of us.  Pocha is definitely a special lady and her cute squeaks, silly dances, and motherly personality are easy to fall in love with. Pocha and Guillermina are never far from each other and are a beautiful mother daughter pair. It’s only natural to include Pocha and Guillermina together.  If Pocha is ‘your lady’ you can show her some extra love and become her and Guillermina’s Ele-Guardian.