Rana’s Rescue: Photos from Loading

Some photos from earlier this morning. The truck gets parked right next to the container, so it is in the air for a very short period of time. And yes, that’s Scott riding on the side of the container with Rana to watch her and keep her calm.

We use flower essences (think Bach’s rescue remedy) and essential oils (made by a vet specifically for animals) as a natural way to try to keep Rana calm and stress free throughout the move. As of now, Scott says she is super relaxed. And still eating ?

Rana's rescue team

Rana’s Rescue Team!

December 18, 2018


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    Elke Riesterer says

    Yeah!!! Big Kudos to my dear friend Scott, he knows how to be calm and loving and considerate. Bach Flower remedies are a gentle way to assist, support and calm another beings complex nervous system.
    Thank you kindred spirits for your LOVE by holding energetic space for Rana.

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