Pelusa Update From Scott

Scott recorded a little update this morning.

Two things to know, we are here to be supportive and to make recommendations, but ultimately all final decisions are that of the zoo. Please know all end of life options are being discuss.

We understand how badly everyone here wanted to see her at sanctuary, we’re right there with you, but Pelusa finally decided she didn’t have any fight left. Pelusa is strong and stoic almost to a fault and at times I had wished she wasn’t. She tried and pushed through days where most others would have given up, but we all have our limit. And she has found hers.

Pelusa is beautiful and regal, but she just doesn’t have anything left to give and we would love if people could support that and continue to support her all the way through to the end. In her life society failed her, in the end her body failed her, but she can leave this world knowing more caring than she has ever known. Please send her your love and support. We will update you when we can.

June 4, 2018

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    Linda Lalonde says

    Words cannot express my sadness at this news, though I thought it might be this way and that Pelusa had chosen her path. I am in tears at this moment, and so admire the strength of her caregivers and Scott and in awe of their love and belief in this wonderful girl. Walk on at your choosing, dear Pelusa, pain free and under a warm sun. I am absolutely positive there are many many elephants awaiting you that will show you eternal love. Blessed be, dear, sweet girl.

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    Roberto Sebastian says

    The first time I saw you I was shocked, I met you as a child through a school trip … then I went to visit you several times with my parents and my brother, also with friends and even when I started my university career and had I draw animals and I chose you … I always wanted to see you because I was amazed with your presence … but above all for your nobility and kindness … you have always been a special being for me, for love and love that you have given to all of us that we have known you … I have seen you in fullness and in your deterioration, with you I learned that you should never have been in captivity … I understood it in great … and I try to transmit it to my son whom I took him to know you … you were already old … but he needed him to understand what it is to give unconditional love to adversity and without asking anything in return … it’s in your nature … you have given a great lesson to all of us … you have left a big mark on my heart … as they were your footsteps … your legacy will never die !!! Thanks for so much … and sorry for so little !!! Rest in peace beautiful … I hope you have the most beautiful and eternal dream of being free as you could not have it in life. I will love you forever Fluff !!!

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    Maria Iovanovich says

    I coudent have the pleasure to meet this beauty in person, among that I live in Buenos Aires, but I followed her process since her helth became to deteriored, and the Global Santuary started to care and tried to get her to de Sanctuary, when I found out that your held beacame worst last days and them u passed aways thats brooked my heart so deep and I continue to cry for you… and I wonder to my self how the humans could be so cruel, why u never had the possiblilty to live in freedom with your mom and family.. why we are so selfish why why and why.. In your memory I ll continue, from my simple and small space, to make that the others elephants , that they are still in Argentina, have been taken to the Sanctuary to have the possibilty to live the life that u never coud live.. I promess you

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