P.S.: How are the Girls Doing?

In light of Lady’s passing, many of you have been wondering how the other elephants are doing. On the first night, Guille seemed a little unsettled at times, but the sanctuary was calm. As for today, everyone is really light and easy. There were a lot of vocalizations in the morning and again in the afternoon between Rana and Mara and then Maia and Bambi. Guillermina has been very playful and is interacting with all of the other girls. All of them seem to be in a good place emotionally.

Photo of Guille, Maia, and Bambi all hoping for treats


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    Diana says


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      Sara says

      The elephants know more than we understand

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    Janice Murphy says

    Did the girls go and say goodbye to Lady?

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      Sara says

      No. There were some logistical issues with where Lady was that prevented it.

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    Karen Fedorov says

    I am so pleased that Lady had her last years there at sanctuary, roaming free and getting the treatments she needed. And bring comforted and allowed to go without extraordinary measures.

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    Jane says

    I find that a little sad , that precious Lady was so isolated from the others that they appear unaware that she is gone forever . Having been persuaded ( willingly I might add ) that eles are sensitive souls in tune with each other , I now wonder a bit . I am mourning her .

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      Sara says

      We can’t know what they know. Lady could have communicated with them in some way. We’ll never know.

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    Lolita says

    Love You My Dearest Lady 😢 You Have Taken A Part Of Me With You, In The Heavens…!🤔🥲🤫❣️

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    Terry says

    The girls are way smarter than we are. I’m sure they know more about transitioning on then we could ever imagine. Love those girls!

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    Maureen says

    The rest of the girls knew that Lady was there and were respectful of her need for space. Mara & Rana would spend time with her on occasion. I believe they were aware of her pain, like they are now aware of Bambi’s loss of vision. Although they were not bonded with Lady, I believe they know that now she is at peace and not in pain. Guille does not have the life experience of the older girls so would naturally be a bit more unsettled, but I am sure the others reassured her that it was OK and Lady’s time to go.

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    Eileen says

    Lady was “my girl,” the one I loved most and followed with hope. I am so sad she is gone, but so thankful that her final years were in such a loving place, that she got to be Lady, exactly who she was, in a place of freedom and peace. Rest now, Lady, I’m so glad you touched so many lives while you were here!

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    Marilyn says

    Shedding tears for Lady. I have no more words other than my heart is broken for her and all Elephants like her that are captive, isolated, neglected and tortured.

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    Tammy says

    I too believe elephants communicate with each other in ways we will never understand. Elephants are such intelligent beings I think the girls knew Lady was uncomfortable and having difficulties as well not to mention their ways of communicating are extraordinary! I wish the girls could’ve said good though….. Rest in Peace dear sweet Lady you will be deeply missed thank you for the memories 🙏💞🦋

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    Barbara Edis says

    Will the girls be able to see Lady’s grave through the fence? So sad that they could not say goodbye to her in person. I will always miss her!

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      Kat Blais says

      yes, if they are in the male yard they can see it. but remember, they said good bye to her the way they lived with her. from a distance.

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    Barbara Edis says

    PS Your memorial service was just perfect! So comforting. You all are awesome!

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