A Visit From ElephantVoices

Maia and GuidaFor the next two days we have Dr. Joyce Poole, Petter Granli and Selengei Poole of ElephantVoices here for a visit. And what do you do when you have guests that spend their time surrounded by African elephants? You go and silently watch our two lovely Asian elephants Maia and Guida.

Petter was here once before, but it was prior to Maia and Guida’s arrival. Today is the first opportunity for all of them to see the girls, be able to watch from a distance and feel who they’ve become and the many ways sanctuary has changed them.
It’s hard to grasp the beauty of the sanctuary fully until you see it first-hand. But it’s also easier to see ‘Guida’s glow’, watch the sisterly way the girls interact and get a sense for the joy and the serenity that now encompasses their lives when you can lay eyes on them. It is a joy we will never take for granted- just sitting back and watching them comfortable and confident in their own skin, simply being elephants.

Photo- Maia on the left of lollipop tree, Guida to the right, truck with Scott, Joyce, Petter and Selengei, in the shade, unobtrusively observing. Luckily this afternoon Maia and Guida were in an area that could be seen from outside of the fence.


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