Our Thanks to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee!


Ramba’s sweet face at the update of being at 82% of our goal. ?? Watch the donation meter rise here→

Thanks to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee for reaching out to their supporters and offering a $5,000 match to help get Ramba to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil. It’s wonderful when sanctuaries can work together for the welfare of an elephant. And of course, many thanks to Ramba’s new supporters and some of our tried and true supporters for meeting their match.  The total of 82% includes TES’ 5K as well. We also wanted to say we love how kind and informative our supporters are when speaking with others about GSE. There were several comments on TES’ post, from names we know, that made us very proud.

As many of you know, our founder, Scott, co-founded the sanctuary in TN, when he was 21. And although we are separate organizations, we will always love the girls we worked with there and have a special place in our heart for them and the life TES has given them.

For those who are sad for missing a match (sorry, internet issues yesterday and today-hopefully this posts) we believe we will have one last one coming up. And soon, she will be home. 

Thank you again to everyone who is giving, sharing, and making this all possible. The final stretch, then Ramba will be with other elephants and have a family once again.

September 4, 2019



  1. REPLY
    Maggie says

    I saw that yesterday on their News Letter. Fabulous news. 82% of the way there. Fantastic. Xxx

  2. REPLY
    Carolyn McNeil says

    I thought it was so wonderful of TES to give such a gift. Maybe it will bring new followers, like myself, that weren’t aware of your sanctuary. In the many months ahead when we finally get three of the Mendoza elephants to sanctuary, do you think zoo will move Tamy out of pit and put in Kenya’s enclosure. Does Brazil say it is mandatory for Tamy to have a barn and many fenced acres for his move. Would they allow a temporary shelter with protected contact area and only two acres fencing just to get him here. Just wondering and honestly worried about the boy!

    • REPLY
      Kat Blais says

      Ok, let’s see…..I don’t think they will move Tamy because of all that it would entail. It’s not simple to just move an elephant, even if it’s not that far. But they will probably give him both sides of the pit once P&G leave. And yes, we not only have to have a barn and a yard, but there is a minimum amount of space we must be able to provide him as well. This is regulated by SEMA, and is only a sanctuary requirement, zoos don’t have to follow the same rules since it’s about preserving the wild space. We worry as well, but it’s difficult to get funding for the amount of work that needs to be done to establish three separate habitats. But we’re working on it.

  3. REPLY
    Carey says

    Huge trumpet thanks to TES, so glad that they have helped us almost get there.

  4. REPLY
    Sherry says

    Yes, I am a member of TES in TN. It is wonderful they are working with you to bring Ramba to GES!!! I am proud to be a member of these sanctuaries!
    I wish governments could work together for the good of all mankind!!!!
    Here in NC we are experiencing Hurricane Dorian Cat. 3. Please pray for us.
    Thank you very much!!

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