Our Other Lovely Grandma, Ramba

These past few days have been all about Pelusa, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about our other lovely grandma, Ramba, who is also waiting for her CITES permits to be approved to she can come to sanctuary.

Today, we give you an update from Consu (her caregiver in Chile)-

“Good night guys, i hope that you and the girls are fine ????????????????. Well we have a very nice afternoon this day’s the sun very strong and mama in the yard enjoy this warm energy that help her in the night. The beautiful rise and sunset with the light touching the mountains is just a simple gift for us; mama feel very good eating her hay during the night she has been eating great and also in the morning i found many poop. I start to put less hay outside because is more cold and it appears she is spending more time inside the barn.”

For those who want to make sure they stay updated on Ramba’s rescue status, you can visit her page HERE. Towards the bottom is her “Rescue Status” which lists the status of her CITES permits, quarantine and other items. We update it whenever there are changes.


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