Online Auction to Help Rescue the Mendoza Four

It’s going to take a lot to rescue the four Mendoza Zoo elephants and bring them to sanctuary. We could use your help and this is a great opportunity to do just that.

Update: Our auction is now closed but was a great success thanks to a very dedicated and passionate group of volunteers. We raised approximately $40,000 which will go towards the expansion needed to rescue the Mendoza4: Pocha, Guillermina, Tamy and Kenya. Thank you to everyone who became involved- we are grateful.


GSE is holding our on-line auction right now, from June 5-19th. There are hundreds of items of all sorts from around the world for you to bid on. The money will go directly towards the preparations needed and rescue of the Mendoza Four.

There is something for everyone in the auction- beautiful artwork, cute clothes, adventure getaways, chocolate, jewelry and much more. But if you don’t need or want more ‘stuff’ you can always buy a gift for the elephants instead. You can sponsor hay for a day, give a ‘Good Girl or Boy’ gift basket, or purchase a lot towards a much-needed big ticket item: a large but portable elephant scale. 

Every dollar makes a difference and each bid gets Tamy, Pocha, Guillermina and Kenya closer to sanctuary. There are many ways you can help make this auction a success for the four deserving elephants who have spent a lifetime surrounded by concrete and are now steps away from living out their lives engrossed in nature, surrounded by others of their own kind. Bid away, and don’t be afraid to get competitive, it’s for a good cause. Give to the elephants directly, they appreciate knowing they are loved. And share widely with others, even if they don’t necessarily love elephants, most people enjoy doing good while getting something they like. It’s a win win. 

Our wonderful group of volunteers put this entire event together so Scott and I could focus on taking care of Maia and Guida and building the next habitat for African elephants. You can visit the friends of Global Sanctuary for Elephants FB page, which is where they publicly reside and get others involved to help the elephants. You can also check out the auction page to see what it’s all about and find a nice little goodie to bid on and help save an elephant. If you have questions or want to speak to someone directly you can write us at

Thank you for your continued support and helping us to rescue four more elephants- all who are beyond deserving and just waiting for sanctuary.