One Intense Elephant

Story by Anonymous

One elephant that had an impact?!?! No such thing,,,they all impacted me in some way

Feeding one intense Girl, one must be careful & respectful, extra space is given to her. After months of this one day she reached out for a touch, I had nothing to give her, no carrot, banana etc, just my hand, not sure what to do,I excused myself & ran & got a carrot. On my return she decided to give me her back foot, I carefully gave her foot a pat, thanked her & handed her the carrot. She made an effort to touch my hand first then take the carrot with a soft rumble. Another time she offered her forehead & I softly touched. These were unbelievable & tension relieving events for the both of us.

The impact taught was trust can be reached when one honestly from the heart releases themselves with loving kindness forwarded from within.

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