Nov 27 Facebook Fundraiser for Rana


This is Rana, the elephant we are dedicating our Facebook fundraiser → on November 27th to rescue.

During our visit, Rana often looked tired or closed down. She is very removed from the public and all of the other animals, spending a lot of time alone. The hotel cares for her, but humans aren’t a replacement for other elephants, and they don’t spend all day and night with her, so Rana shuts down to help time pass. 
But her true self is just below the surface. Scott saw glimpses of it during his visit. She’s sharp and knows how to play those around her, quickly doing small things to try and get a reaction out of them. Eyes full of intention, you can see the wheels turning as she comes to life.

While Scott was trying to get decent photos of her feet, she let out one little squeak. Of course Scott replied in a silly tone ‘We’ve got a squeaker,” to which Rana did not seem to know how to react. A huge part of our job at sanctuary is to encourage communication, both negative and positive, because for most of their lives, captive elephants aren’t allowed to communicate their emotions. Ears out and eyes wide she didn’t make another sound, but we know Elephant Sanctuary Brazil will soon be filled with squeaks as well (Maia and Guida don’t squeak.)

Please consider giving to Rana’s fundraiser on Tuesday Nov 27th to help bring her to sanctuary. Donation matching (a dollar for every dollar you give) starts at 8 am EST. You can be part of helping her find her squeak and finally knowing the love and support of other elephants.

Thank you

photo: Rana at the hotel zoo

November 25, 2018


Facebook Link to Donate on Nov 27 Towards Rana’s Rescue →


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