Nicole Trimming Guille’s Nails

As caregiver Nicole mentioned in a previous post, she has been introduced to Guille and integrated into her existing training and foot care routine. This process was in part to allow Guille to become more comfortable with having two people work with her at the same time, which is something she isn’t fully settled with. It has also allowed Nicole to work on her communication with elephants – both listening and putting her own feelings and needs into words when working with them. 

Guille is settling in nicely to having Scott hold her nose while Nicole does some trimming on her pads. You can see in the video that, as Scott mentions, Guille is taking after another elephant (Maia) who often gets sleepy during foot treatments. It’s nice to see her so relaxed and moving forward in great strides.


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    Noemi Julia Benassi says


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    Patricia Bamford says

    I keep typing in the words as requested, to date 5 times, and nothing ? ?
    Is this a new thing, if so it’s frustrating.

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      Sara says

      We have to manually approve each comment to prevent spam. Sometimes that may mean there’s some lag time between your writing a post and it appearing on the page.

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    Johnny says

    All I can say is WOW, at the size of her feet. I continue to be surprised at the size of these magnificent creatures. With normal videos of just elephants I lose that perspective. It’s great she is relaxed in this situation.

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      Sara says

      It can be surprising how big they are, especially when you don’t see them every day. Comparing our feet to theirs is always something to behold.

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    Alicia says

    Entiendo que éste no es el mejor lugar para este comentario pero no encuentro otra opción. Las traducciones al español son muy malas. En algún momento estuvo habilitada la posibilidad de sugerir correcciones pero desde hace un tiempo no la encuentro. No puedo dejar pasar ésta porque es espantosa. Tradujeron “pads”, es decir las almohadillas de las patas del elefante por “toallas higiénicas” (pobre elefanta!!!)
    Fuera de ello felicitaciones por todo lo que están haciendo.

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      Sara says

      I apologize for the poor translation. We are always hoping it will improve, but there’s not much luck lately. Thanks for reading!

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    Beth says

    Precious ❤️❤️❤️🦋

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    Charlotte Hansen says

    This is making me sleepy now! It’s so much fun to see their everyday lives! Thank you!

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    Debbie Sides says

    Oh my goodness she’s just as cute as she can be🥰

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    Bonnie says

    boy she has the right idea nap time

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    Tracy H says

    Guille is such a beauty. 🐘🐘🐘🐘. Nothing like napping during a mani/pedi.

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    Rocío says

    Guille looks so sleepy and relaxed. She is having her spa day xD

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    SHEILA says

    Aahhh Sweet Guille loves human attention.Shes so relaxed. Big Snoozzin girl Caregiver at Ecopark talked to her alot, maybe she caves human touch. She has NoFEAR of humans! Beautiful she was never in an EVIL CIRCUS

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    Irene says

    Sweet girl! She really is adjusting well, with losing her mom, to life with other elephants at this amazing sanctuary 😘❤️🤩

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    Carey says

    She really is such a beauty. Though Pocha had more even more beautiful eyes I think 🤔 Does anyone know why some elephants find this work on their nails so sleep inducing?

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      Sara says

      Since there are no studies, we can only guess. Perhaps they find the repetitive motion soothing. Or just the chance to relax and have their trunks held. It’s hard to know.

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