Next Step of Rana’s Rescue!


Next step of Rana’s rescue, the boys have arrived in Sergipe. Yes I said boys  Most of you know Scott (on the left) Daniel is the gentleman on the right, he is with the Elephant Sanctuary Brazil team. He is a biologist and has been involved with the project from the very beginning. And I’ll stop before it sounds like a dating profile. ?

First, rental car and then they’ll probably split up, Scott to Rana’s hotel and Daniel gets the joy of dealing with permits. Scott’s day started at 4 am so he and our vet Laura could bring Goomba into Cuiaba for acupuncture and pick up the two stray cats from the intern house to be spayed and neutered in Cuiaba as well. One thing I think I can safely say is that there will be an early bedtime this evening. Maybe

More of the team begins to arrive later today and over the next few days. We will try to update and share what we can. I’m not positive how reception will be at Rana’s enclosure, but we may all find out together.

December 13, 2018

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    Tom DiCarrado says

    Keep the updates coming, this is great.

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