New Online Store Launches Today!

Global Sanctuary for Elephants has an incredibly dedicated group of supporters who spread the word about captive and endangered elephants every day. Each elephant here has a whole crowd of people following her journey to healing. (It’s possible that you might even have a favorite girl.) For this reason, and so that you can show your support year-round, we are launching a new store today. 

The shop offers a range of items, including apparel, accessories, home and office goods, prints of the individual elephants – so many exciting products. Those who are interested can also purchase gifts from the elephant wishlists, in addition to buying for themselves or others. The merchandise features beautiful new designs that would be ideal presents during the holiday season, AND, in the new store, a greater percentage of the proceeds will go toward the sanctuary than ever before. 

For those of you who often tell us who was your “first” elephant here at ESB, we are featuring two designs of shirts that can help you proudly proclaim which girl you first saw cross the threshold and into the sanctuary. 

Go visit the new store today and start shopping!

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