Meet Wall-E; Our New Drone

We would like to introduce you to Wall-E, he is our new drone. He was a gift from a loving supporter. The drone is great for security, and of course it allows us to get footage of the girls from different vantage points without driving out and disturbing them. It enables us to see more of what Maia and Guida do during that day in a more organic way. And it brings significant joy to Scott’s life – it is a new exciting toy that seems to help relieve stress as well.

This day he caught Maia just before she was about to go into the pond. It was a floating kind of quiet pond day for her, but great to see her going in and that Guida was just around the corner. As Scott gets more familiar with Wall-E and more comfortable with the features and controls, and I learn to use him as well, we hope to bring you many more videos of our girls out and about. But here’s your first little peek.

January 30, 2018

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